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The processing technique of anise, network of market of additive agent for food
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Anise fastens lily magnolia division, anise is belonged to. Its fructification is aggregate fruit, show octagon, reason common calls anise fennel, also weigh aniseed to wait.

Anise blossoms and bear fruit every year twice, blossom for the first time in 3 - in April, 8 - fructification is mature in September. Fructification diameter 3 - 4 centimeters, palm red, very beautiful, call " bright red " , common says " is building " , quality is good, yield is high also. Building results hind to blossom the 2nd times again that month, to the 2nd year 3 - fructification is mature in April, common says " horn spends " , emaciated, the base of a fruit grows fructification, character is more bright red poor, yield is low also.

Eight hornbeam are our country peculiar economic tree is planted one of, xian Xie and fructification all can be used at distillation fennel oil. Bright leaf oil content is 0.8 - 1.0% . Oily rate is Xian Guo 3 - 3.2 % , oily rate is dried fruit 8 - 12 % .

Anise oil is a kind of naphtha, provide slightly agglutinant. Colour and lustre with hoar had better, maize criterion a bit second, flavour is honey and thorn tongue, have intense anise sweet smell. Be in 10 - below the temperature of 15 Celsius, condense of agitate.

Anise oily bases is anise head, content amounts to 80 % above, next still element of yellow camphor tree, anise aldehyde and fennel ketone wait. Anise oil basically is used at extracting anise head in flavor industry, synthesize anise aldehyde, anise alcohol again. These monomer flavor all are used extensively at toothpaste, food, toilet soap and cosmetic essence. Its fructification is our country people's commonly used food flavors flavor. At the same time anise oil is synthetic negative hormone in pharmacy industry already the main raw material of alkyl female phenol. Fructification is officinal have appetizing next gas, warm stomach comes loose cold acetanilide wait for effect.

Anise fructification is collected close and handle

Want to obtain the anise fruit with qualitative good much amount, should have mastered above all collect receive time. Pluck prematurely, fructification crudely, washy, insolation epigenesis number is small, influence quality; Cross Chi Cai to close, the fructification easy mildew and rot that scatters on the ground is degenerative. Spring go to be in if really annual 3 - mature in April, collect receive optimal time to be around of " of " Pure Brightness; Autumn building fruit autumn is 8 - in September, collect receive time to be in around of " of " Frost's descent 10 - inside 20 days optimal.

Spring build fruit crop low, it is anise commonly after mature be born, artificial check closes, direct insolation or treatment Hui are oily.

Autumn go to collect if really close, because anise branches and leaves is delicate, quality of a material is crisp, when fructification is mature, be worth new beautiful open He Youguo to coexist, collect safety should assure already when closing, cannot damage again beautiful He Youguo, in order to assure crop of the coming year. Accordingly, collect when receiving anise, want forbidden the lever that use bamboo is beaten, must insist to go up artificially the tree is picked. The method is to use 1 - 1.3 meters long small Zhu Gou, arrange fruit-bearing shoot hook of direction of its the way corp is growing turns come back, holding fruit branch single-handed, grasp single-handed if really, immediately picks fruit transfer to a lower level to enter beforehand in good basket, replete hind with cord condole falls, after bamboo basket reachs the ground automatic teem fructification, carry basket next, pluck according to this loop move back and forth, till pick light.
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