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High yield of blessing cropland hot pickled mustard tuber helps advance somebody
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3, field managing transplant hind or after returning a seedling, mu with urea 4 ~ 5 kilograms, add water 1000 kilograms have top application the 1st times. In January the last ten-day of a month mu the ammonium that use carbon 25 kilograms, calcium superphosphate 20 kilograms, potassium chloride has top application 1500 kilograms 5 kilograms the 2nd times to water. In Feburary the last ten-day of a month mu with urea 25 kilograms, potassium chloride adds water 12.5 kilograms to weigh top application 1 times again, avoid by all means is scattered apply or sheet applies nitrogenous fertilizer, after 7 days. The basis grows circumstance, again top application closes to tumour bine expand and lamina grow 1 times. Decrease hollow. After returning a seedling, with emulsion of 60% fourth careless amine 125 milliliter of 100 ~ add water every mus 50 ~ spray 60 kilograms farmland face, or with second careless amine 75 milliliter of 50 ~ add water 60 kilograms of gush apply 50 ~ weed. According to aphid of climate circumstance prevention and cure 1 ~ 2, individual plant of seasonable cleared virus. Before the winter if encounter extended drought, but according to water of circumstance furrow irrigation 1, seasonable platoon works, cannot have overflowed farmland picture. If rainwater is overmuch, answer to do good ditch catchment in time to defend be soiled work.

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