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The technical craft of red vinegar, network of market of additive agent for food
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The traditional product that vinegar is factory of peaceful wave brew, already had history of 100 years of production. "Red vinegar of Ning Bo of " of Jin Zhong card is commercial department high grade product at was being judged 1984.

Peaceful wave red vinegar uses liquid state zymotechnics, its produce craft basically to retaining the traditional trait of vinegar of rose of river short for Zhejiang Province, in see things in a blur in this working procedure, choose bamboo plaque see things in a blur and need not altar is beautiful, can make product colour and lustre ruddy, vinegar is sweet sterling, acidity is downy, xian Tian is dainty, cook dips in eat, gust all beautiful.

The method that make 1. With the raw material that feeds vinegar at making, getting quality should be checked to whether accord with a standard first before using, metamorphism of every happening mildew and rot and the raw material that do not accord with hygiene standard for food are same do not use.

2. immerses: Put rice immerse full water is added after the crock, add everyday later change water. Immerse time is average polished long-grained nonglutinous rice immerses 7 ~ 10 days, make grain of rice immerses till powdery sex is loose.

3. rinses: Before evaporate meal, first rice from immerse take out in the crock, put bamboo a bamboo basket inside, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean.

4. evaporate meal: The meal wants evaporate 2 times (namely first second meal and 2 meals) . Rice of one a bamboo basket is entered first when evaporate meal, after waiting for vapour to rise, add rice again full, wait for vapour to go up neat hind frowsty 3 ~ 5 minutes, can undertake choosing a meal into hot water. When choosing a meal, should mix the meal loose, do not make the meal agglomerates, next evaporate the 2nd meal, put law and head second meal is same. Meal must evaporate is ripe not rawish.

5. plaque is beautiful: evaporate ripe 2 meals that had chosen send to music room to undertake bamboo plaque ferments. Want to put meal vegetable loosely into bamboo plaque when installing a horizontal inscribed board inside, edge Bao Zhonghou.

6. crock is beautiful: evaporate ripe 2 meals that had chosen carry the big jar to sterilization inside, crock face uses wire, pour a crock loose inside.
Be in crock center the following day scrape sunken form, all around press is solid. After the flower that wait for a crock has thick gravy, should undertake drenching burning everyday. Plaque flower, crock spends time 15 days or so.

7. shovels plaque flower: Plaque flower can be shovelled after plaque spends what control through 15 days to ferment, send to the crock for the standard with bamboo plaque in, even ground is dispersedly above flower of every crocks of crock.

8. adds water: Every crocks of raw material 120 kilograms, add water 240 ~ 250 kilograms. Tap water water is warm inferior when, can put one part hot water, ferment in order to quicken acetic early days wining with dregs.
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