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The treatment of thick chili sauce of garlic of stay of proceedings, network of
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New-style and compound dressing- - thick chili sauce of garlic of stay of proceedings, can feed oneself already, but feed relatives and friends, still can sell, should be a kind of superior way that uses the market, technology to become rich.

One, recipe

1. advocate makings: Smooth stay of proceedings 35 kilogram, thick broad-bean sauce 25 kilogram, garlic 35 kilogram, chili 5 kilogram.

2. complementary makings: Iodic salt 5 kilogram, sucrose 3 kilogram, ginger pink 2 kilogram, pink of green Chinese onion 1 kilogram, pink of the five spices 0.5 kilogram, peanut oil 5 kilogram, balm 1 kilogram (the complementary makings such as iodic salt and cane sugar should be added according to taste decrease) .

2, operation

1. gets the materials ready: Take out of smooth stay of proceedings base ministry and impurity, sufficient and abluent, drop doing, air comes when the surface is anhydrous, smash broken end account, do not make water billabong is broken. Thick broad-bean sauce can be abstained ahead of schedule, also but outside buy finished product, without thick broad-bean sauce usable face sauce is replaced, increase dosage to come 30 kilogram. Garlic valve eliminate is broken, ill after spot, soggy, flay, abluent, smash broken end account. Chili chooses moderate of kind of red, piquancy, moisture content what 12 % control is high grade dry article, go the base of a fruit, go miscellaneous, abluent, drop is dry, after air is basked in, smash slightly.

2. deepfry makes the same score stay of proceedings: Peanut oil is contained inside past caldron first, heat to fume (about 140 ℃ are controlled) , smooth stay of proceedings falls into oily boiler, undertake ceaselessly quickly flipping through, scamper is controlled 1 minute, become yellow to colour and lustre of smooth stay of proceedings, when crisp, stop to heat, drop of broken end of fish out smooth stay of proceedings is oily.

3. deepfry chili: Enter chili last stage boiler deepfry, flip through ceaselessly, to slightly microscopical cinnamon when, stop to heat, fish out drop is oily. The attention flips through even, prevent partial chili deepfry insufficient or excessive.
4. refrigeration is detached: Go out peanut oil boiler, fill cool within container, make dropping grog precipitates, undertake oil residue departs again.
5. heats match sauce: Inside caldron of cooling peanut oil park, heat once more 85 ℃ above, throw pink of pink of green Chinese onion, the five spices, ginger pink to wait for complementary makings by the recipe, when waiting for pink of green Chinese onion to give taste, put quickly other former complementary makings, flip through quickly, adequately, heat warm up 100 ℃ , maintain 1 minute or so to become thick chili sauce namely.
6. installs coal tub close over: Thick chili sauce is loaded classics is abluent kill the helix glass bottle of bacterium via disinfection inside, press 200 grams or 225 grams are metric, add a balm to build a top next, come back instantly tight cap can.
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