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Ferment twice wine make contain vinegar of high concentration acetic acid, netwo
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Use deep-seated zymotechnics twice to brew make contain vinegar of high concentration acetic acid (prep above 15%) , in barmy the first phase, ferment the total chroma inside fluid (alcohol and acetic acid total chroma) by what begin 12% or 15% achieve be more than 15% or 17% . But, the chroma of acetic acid does not allow to exceed 15% , and the chroma of alcohol should maintain in about 1 ~ 5% , assure bacterial addition and acidification thereby. In the 2nd ferment level, total chroma keeps changeless, but, the chroma of acetic acid allows to rise to be more than 15% , the chroma of alcohol is almost 0, at this moment, main occurrence acidification, bacterial hyperplasia begins to decrease to stop, achieve when acetic acid chroma (of the requirement) 15% when, the 2nd phase ferments end. In two barmy in particular procedure, ferment undertake inside coal tub in two respectively. In the first ferment inside coal tub, initial stage of first phase barmy is in the first ferment undertake inside coal tub, and later period of first phase barmy is in the 2nd ferment undertake inside coal tub.

Example 1 the first ferment the total volume of coal tub is 24000 litres, infuse contains 1% alcohol and the vinegar that contain 12.5% acetic acid 12000 litres to reach 6000 litres to contain 1% acetic acid and the malt saccharify of 13% alcohol to wine with dregs to mix with 27 kilograms of nurture without crossing filter processing, the mixture that such acquisition contains acetic acid of 8.67% pH indicator and alcohol of 5.0% pH indicator, make they are exposed in air, and maintain the temperature of 30 ℃ . Should ferment after beginning, ferment the chroma of the acetic acid inside fluid is amounted to with 10% , alcohol chroma is achieved 3.5% , begin to add the pH indicator alcohol of 80% , the methodological control alcohol that adjusts through be being led to alcohol flow is fermenting the chroma inside fluid, make its maintain in 3 ~ the limits of 4.0% . After 28 hours, through adding alcohol of 80% pH indicator 950 litres, ferment the chroma of the acetic acid inside fluid can be achieved 13% , alcohol chroma can be amounted to 3.8% . Ferment fluid reachs afore-mentioned consistency, stop the accretion of alcohol, fermenting 7600 litres fluid inputs total volume is 12000 litres the 2nd ferment inside coal tub, the first malt saccharify that ferments there still are 6550 litres to contain 0.83% chroma acetic acid and 7.3% chroma alcohol inside coal tub wines with dregs, join 11.5 kilograms of nurture to undertake mixture quickly slowly next, make ferment chroma of the acetic acid inside fluid is achieved 8.5% , alcohol chroma is achieved 5.1% . In the 2nd ferment inside coal tub, of the input ferment fluid is exposed in air, make ferment the temperature of fluid maintains in 30 ℃ , 36 hours, such, ferment chroma of the acetic acid in fluid is achieved 16.4% , alcohol chroma of remain is 0.2% . The vinegar that such become making by the 2nd ferment the eduction inside coal tub, to ferment the input of fluid prepares next time. After 14 hours, the first ferment coal tub eduction sends ferment juice, add alcohol to make its restore first phase to ferment next. After 28 hours 7600 litres ferment chroma of the acetic acid inside fluid is achieved afresh 13% with alcohol of 3.8% pH indicator when, will ferment fluid is inputted the 2nd ferment coal tub, want to maintain the stability of temperature when successive eduction liquid, the ability after 36 hours is complete acidification, such, brew make piece contain 16.4% acetic acid and of 0.2% alcohol become vinegar.
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