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Kelp nutrition thick chili sauce, network of market of additive agent for food
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Kelp of raw material recipe sauce of 15 kilogram pepper sauce of 4.8 kilogram ginger sauce of 3 kilogram face 9 kilogram white sugar 2.4 kilogram gourmet powder 480 grams sesame seed 1 kilogram lysine 1 kilogram of 60 grams unboiled oil

The method that make

1. choosing is clean, cut into shreds: Go to kelp with clear bath after silt, cut filament or sliver.

2. floats very hot: Float in boiling water iron 1 minute.

3. grinds sauce: After refrigeration, grind with colloid shape of sauce of kelp silk wear.

4. mixes makings evaporate boils: Unboiled oil is put inside interlining boiler, after heating kelp sauce, pepper sauce, ginger sauce, face sauce, white sugar,

Gourmet powder, lysine adds pot inside, the evaporate after mix is even boils 15 minutes, mix fry ripe sesame seed, antiseptic.

5. refrigeration is packed, it is finished product namely.

Brown of product characteristic colour and lustre is red, delicacy is hot sweet, delicious and goluptious