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Cold squeeze rice bran oil, network of market of additive agent for food
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→ of technological process rice bran chooses → to add embellish of heat preservation of → of agitate of machinery of Wen Shui → to expect → does cake → to compress → finished product

The method that make 1. Choose: Broken rice, will big branny piece wait for foreign matter well sifted, accomplish a hand to hold without hard heart. Want to divide only broken rice especially. Because the bases in broken rice is starch, the imbibe when evaporate embryo expands to stick mushy, when compressing, jam vitta, lower oil yield.

2. Add Wen Shui: Add 50 ℃ Wen Shui 3 ~ 4% .

3. Agitate: Beater is minutely 480 ~ 500 turn. Agitate 10 ~ 15 minutes, temperature rise comes 58 ℃ of 54 ~ .

4. Heat preservation embellish expects: The method has two kinds, one kind is to use vapour to warm the canal makes whole workshop heat preservation; Another kind is to extract machine heat preservation. Wait with board namely will extract a secret to shut the temperature that will prevent cake lukewarm be lost to need in order to keep place. Carry out a proof, room temperature is maintained control in 30 ℃ , can raise oil yield in order to press standard of machine heat preservation. Heat preservation 30 minutes, temperature 58 ℃ of 56 ~ , moisture is 13.5 ~ 13.8% .

5. Do cake to compress: Every cake weighs 2 kilogram left and right sides, enter the cent that press water with 13.8% the left and right sides is advisable.

6. Crude oil filters: The wool branny oil that presses crush out to come contains the impurity such as cake pink, filter with 60 eye screen mesh. The oil when filtering is lukewarm it is advisable to be controlled in 80 ℃ commonly.