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Flavor laver, network of market of additive agent for food
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Flavor the manufacturing technology of laver, be baking laver machine carbonado an automatic drop is installed to flavor after ark fluid device, this device by store composition of platen of 4 mouth of fluid of 1 group of fluid box, woven hose, drop, sponge.

The method that make

1. Flavor fluid makes up: Flavor fluid is factory of a kind of cinnamon ropy fluid, each district makes up a method to differ, bases has juice of salt, white sugar, gourmet powder, fish, shrimp juice, kelp juice to wait. 2 weeks reoccupy is placed after mediating. General need not soy, lest affect the colour and lustre of laver.

2. Flavor process: Flavor what had made up beforehand fluid is loaded store fluid box, flavor fluid by store drop of mouth of infusion of fluid box classics arrives on sponge platen, when the laver that bake passes sponge platen flavor fluid is even the ground is inspiratory, every pieces of laver but inspiratory flavor fluid 1 gram, reentrance the second automation line is roast, temperature is 85 ~ 90 ℃ , every pieces flavor laver weight is 4 grams.

3. Pack reach norms: Flavor of laver pack and norms, all bake laver together.