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The technical craft of piscine sauce, network of market of additive agent for fo
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It is raw material to suit pilchard, control the production of sauce extraction a fish, people had considered his splanchnic enzymatic significant action. Splanchnic extract may contain pilchard a few kinds of albumen such as pancreatin are enzymatic, the ion that use calcium can stabilize these enzymatic active. When these enzymatic in PH8.0, when 50 ℃ and existence of ion having calcium, the hydrolysis rate of pilchard is top. If join sodium chloride or heat treatment of cruelly oppress classics (namely 100 ℃ , 5 minutes) hind, the hydrolyze that can reduce fish and meat is led. Current, had built it is raw material with pilchard, formulate the new method of sauce extraction a fish.

The method that make and product quality

Below the most comfortable condition that afore-mentioned designation, in joining splanchnic extract pilchard dogmeat, ferment 5 hours, classics the mixture after fermenting, clarify with centrifugal method. Next, add the sodium chloride solution of 25% in clear liquid, adjust saline chroma, in order to satisfy a requirement that wants a product. Make pilchard sauce namely. The chemical composition such as the organoleptic attribute this product and sauce of two kinds of commercial fish and amino acid is compared, reach: Pilchard fish sauce can be rivalled with two kinds of commercial products in quality respect.