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The technical craft of a variety of enzymatic wine vinegar, network of market of
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Ferment through liquid state make wine, solid state ferments turn acerbity, use a variety of enzymatic brew to feed vinegar, it is new technology of vinegar of a kind of wine. This craft can improve crop and quality not only, and because craft is simple, operate easy control, investment is little, manufacturing cycle is short, particularly comfortable produce at villages and towns. Use this technology, ferment in alcohol after finishing, can wine with dregs in wine inside mix directly bran undertakes acetic acid ferments, and replaceable rice husk uses acetic broken bits again, thereby big political integrity makes an appointment with complementary makings dosage.

Use bacterium is planted

1. In aspergillus of division 3.324# sweet potato, it is the generation bacterium of saccharification amylase, vigor is big, saccharification force is powerful, acid-proof, high temperature resistant.

2. In division 3.951# rice aspergillus, can secrete all sorts of enzymatic kind.

3.B.F.7658, can secrete amylase, make amylaceous liquefaction produces dextrin.

4. In division 2.109# microzyme, can secrete wine to change enzymatic, alcohol of carbohydrate translate into and carbon dioxide.

5. In bacterium of division 1.41# acetic acid, undertake acetic acid ferments.

Pink of sorghum of raw material recipe (or sweet potato powder) 100 kilograms of water 550 kilograms of bran 150 kilograms of 3.324# enlarge 150 kilograms of rice husk 30 kilograms of 3.961# enlarge music bacterium fluid of 10 kilograms of 2.109# distiller's yeast fluid of seed of bacterium of acetic acid of 20 kilograms of 1.41# amylase of 20 kilograms of B.F.7658 0.3 kilograms of salt 5

The method that make adds water in large iron bowl 275 kilograms, ignite next, again sorghum pink or sweet potato powder 50 kilograms enter boiler inside, warm up to 60 ℃ . Adjust acid-base value comes PH6.2 ~ 6.4, devoted amylase 150 grams. Continue to warm up to 85 ~ 90 ℃ , maintain 10 minutes, undertake liquefaction. Continue to warm up next, till boil, and boil 20 minutes, drop in temperature next to 60 ℃ , adjust acid-base value is to PH 5.4 the left and right sides, yeast for making hard liquor of enlarge of black aspergillus of again devoted 3.324# 7.5 kilograms, extinguish fire, wood coils saccharify of heat preservation of upper cover gunny-bag 3 hours, wait for drop in temperature to 28 ℃ when, move saccharification fluid to ferment to alcohol inside the crock, add juice of 2.109# distiller's yeast 10 kilograms undertake alcohol ferments, time 4 days. The first day of n is fostered, progenitive bacterium body; Rise the following day, the crock Gai Mi is sealed, oxygen of be disgusted with ferments generation alcohol, the 4th day ferments end. Ferment room temperature maintains it is between 28 ℃ of 25 ~ , will ferment mature alcohol ferments fluid mix into mixes bran 75 kilograms, rice husk 75 kilograms, 3.324# enlarge yeast for making hard liquor 7.5 kilograms, 3.951# enlarge yeast for making hard liquor 5 kilograms, fluid of seed of acetic acid bacterium 10 kilograms, even evacuation enters agitate acetic acid is zymogenic in room crock, replete, booth is smooth, build, make acetic acid ferments. Acetic Pei enters the next day of the crock, taste Wen Re Youshangsheng, flip through upside vinegar Pei with the hand, if temperature rises,arrive when 38 ℃ of 37 ~ , usable shovel pours Pei, enter another sky entirely inside the crock. When if taste Wen Chao,crossing 42 ℃ , but two day and night fall 3 times, maintain a day to fall commonly. If taste lukewarm too low (if be in,32 ℃ control) , but tertian pour Pei, acetic acid ferments the room temperature of the room should be controlled it is between 32 ℃ of 30 ~ , cannot exorbitant or too low. Influence time through 7 days, article lukewarm drop to be controlled to 32 ℃ gradually, if content of classics assay acetic acid achieves 7.5 grams / 100 milliliter left and right sides, can play salt, after two days are being placed to undertake after adding salt ripe, drench all right again vinegar, assay conjugate, after sterilization precipitates, can leave factory.
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