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The technical craft of strong opening soy, network of market of additive agent f
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The method that make

1. Defatted soja already was destroyed because of original shape, use aspersion means to make its bibulous, the 120 ~ that its aspersion quantity is defatted soja weight 130% . Whole soja uses leach floodwater on low-lying land.

2. Macerate hind undertakes evaporate is boiled, the pressure evaporate of 90 million handkerchief boils 69 ~ 0.5 ~ 1 hour, next inside evaporate skillet instantly decompression, rapid refrigeration is controlled to 40 ℃ .

3. Bake after wheaten concentration fry broken, crunch, it is advisable that its degree has right amount powder with breaking wheat breaking wheat 3 ~ are mixed 5 grains.

4. the defatted soja that evaporate boils and broken wheat, undertake mixture by roughly same size. Vaccinal Qu Jun undertakes making music.

5. wave beauty 19°(contains the salt water of salt 23%) to be put into coal tub, rejoin makes good Qu Jun undertake fermenting. The 1.2 ~ that affiliation briny capacity is defatted soja and wheaten capacity summation 1.3 times (call 12 ~ the water of 13 ferment) . The material after in putting song salt water, fermenting calls sauce to wine with dregs. After fermenting, should send everyday compress air to have mix. Original song float is not deliquescent at salt water, but become ropy state before long.

6. The autumn that needs 1 year commonly. Pass the summer to ferment, colour and lustre is deepened, call mature sauce to wine with dregs. All sorts of composition of the raw material in maturity, because of melody enzymatic the Zygosaccharomyces Mayor that rises with breed and Soyac be able to bear or endure the action of saline sex yeast, lactobacillus and other bacterium and produced change. Protein hydrolyze becomes elementary peptide and amino acid, still can decompose further. And starch criterion hydrolyze becomes candy.

7. The action with microbial repass decomposes candy the organic acid such as alcohol and lactic acid, acetic acid. Generated ethanol and organic acid, go further decompose the ester that has sweet smell kind, also improved colour and lustre at the same time.

8. The sauce of maturation wines with dregs put filter cloth or a juice compresses in bag, the liquid of earning gives birth to soy namely. After quiet place counts day, be contained fecal sedimentation can undertake heating antiseptic.

9. To prevent mould breed, can add the alcohol of 1% . Depart is born soy, after the coagulative that eliminate produces because of heating, get finished product soy namely.