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Margarine technology craft, network of market of additive agent for food
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Margarine is to show the daub oil that uses on a few table is mixed a few use at having short oil. As a result of low-cost, replaced butter gradually in certain place.

Be in Euramerican, the vegetable oil that margarine uses course hydrogen sulfide mostly or crystallization changes makes raw material, the end that hydrogenation or crystallization change is to make vegetable oil has proper daub structure. Mix into of the Yi Ke in vegetable oil is entered a few tallow fat. Of grease choose and mingle supply circumstance and price with the market and decide. Like be the same as butter, the fat content of margarine is not gotten under 80% . The fat content as a result of crude oil is almost 100% , should add water so (use milk or bright butter) normally, form the content of chaotic of water oil breast that accords with a requirement, its physics character and butter are basic and same. Soybean oil and cottonseed oil can reach ideal consistency after classics fine and partial hydrogen sulfide, produce margarine extensively with a future life so. The margarine that causes special softness often contains corn oil or red attar, after mix into enters these grease, its content of total not saturated fatty acid should compare general margarine tall.

The oily shape of margarine should join flavoring of emulsifying agent, salt, butter, pigment, chemical antiseptic to wait in content and water state other people. Also can join vitamin A and vitamin D. Press the standard that American food and medicaments management board issue, the dosage of vitamin A is unit of every kilograms of 33000 international; The dosage of vitamin D is unit of every kilograms of 4400 international; Regard the lecithin of emulsifying agent, glycerine as one acerbity fat and glycerine 0.5% what the dosage of 2 acerbity ester must not exceed gross weight; 0.1% what the biggest dosage of the benzoic acid natrium that serves as antiseptic, benzoic acid or hill pear acerbity Potassium is gross weight; The plant pigment that pigment appropriate uses carotene or Ministry of Agriculture of other United States approves; The agent that add flavor can use double acetyl; Yi Ke adds citric acid or citric hydrochloric acid; Content of the biggest moisture is 16% .

When the method that make is producing margarine, want to make two kinds of compound first normally: One kind is grease is mixed accretion of all fat dissolve sex, one kind is water is mixed all water-solubility accretion. Next chamfer of park of two kinds of mixture inside energetically agitate emulsification, make water state other people becomes small drip to distribute equably in oily account other people. Subsequently, cool lacteal chaotic content quickly, because if do not cool,make its harden, breed chaotic content departs very quickly. Modern successive and cooling system is to will breed chaotic content pump enters a series of heat exchanger, exchange implement in can install a few special beater, farther will little water changes Xiaohe to be dispersedly in the grease that hardens gradually. Make breed chaotic content passes the crystallizer with cooling classics again next, make adipose farther caky and add model. If want to produce the structure that gives ideal half plasticity, proper temperature control is very significant. Finally, the margarine of semisolid shape can use extruding continuously implement squelch agglomerate and hand-in-hand luggage is installed.
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