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Supply sweet potato complete pink all the year round
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Information introduces news type: Supply information product name: Complete pink of violet sweet potato issue date: 2008-10-29 10:37:4Date of expiration of 3: Value of product of a month: Standards of product of 0: Measure of product of 121212: Hits of 10000: Pack a specification 111 times: The norms that pack: Aluminum foil bag is used inside adscititious paper box is packed. Also can want quantity and requirement to undertake packing according to the client. Of short duration does not have a picture. . . Information content product comes for shallow red pink powder, add amaranth is after water is reductive. With high grade Japan violet potato king is raw material, the course is cleaned, flay, section, drying, smash, pack and become. Have a large number of violet yam, breed is king of Japanese violet potato, plain hill violet, Ning Zi wait 1 number, pachyrhizus skin black flesh is violet, taste is sweet tastily, the 5-8 that the content of lysine, Potassium, manganese, zinc is general sweet potato times, the content that fights cancerous material iodine, Selenium especially is 20 times higher than other sweet potato above. Protein is contained in every kilogram black sweet potato 23 grams, candy 290 grams, contain rich carotene and 9 kinds of amino acid, it is good health food, have fall blood pressure falls a variety of beneficial to human body effect such as hematic fat, it is good health food. It is the good health food that supplies city and guesthouse, restaurant. This breed basically is used at extracting element of red of violet sweet potato, machine complete pink of violet sweet potato, quick-freeze potato piece, make beverage of violet sweet potato wait, character is preeminent, the content of lubricious plain and neat of every 100g little potato is 80-100mg, amylaceous content is 25, the admirable breed that its also are starch of treatment sweet potato releases reason company: Qingdao roc is far natural pigment contact: Sale ministry connects a telephone call: Fax of 0532-81876628: Network address of firm of 0532-81876629: Email of Http://www.qdpy.com: Qingdaopengyuan@yahoo.com.cn

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