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Ai Hao extracts content
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Information introduces news type: Supply information product name: Issue date of Ai Hao: 2008-10-29 10:37:3Date of expiration of 2: Value of 3 months product: Standards of product of 0000: Measure of product of 7444: Hits of 10000: Pack a specification 116 times: Of short duration of 02354646543 does not have a picture. . . Information content " Ai Hao " belong to vivacious herb, leaf has sweet smell, without any pollution, to be taken orally can do hemostat, go up for moxibustion law again with, have a variety of healthy to human body battalion nurturance to divide at the same time. Quality of classics state provision is supervised examine the center detects the result makes clear, vitamin, Selenium, iron, zinc, phosphor, manganese waits. Coloring result is favorable, encounter alkaline stability the high standards that pack: The liquid uses polyethylene food bucket, aluminum foil bag is used inside powder adscititious paper box is packed. Also can want quantity and requirement to undertake packing according to the client. Store movement condition: Sealed, avoid smooth, dry, shady and cool place is saved. Release a company: Qingdao roc is far natural pigment contact: Sale ministry connects a telephone call: Fax of 0532-81876628: Network address of firm of 0532-81876629: Email of Http://www.qdpy.com: Qingdaopengyuan@yahoo.com.cn

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