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Xylose alcohol
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Information introduces news type: Supply information product name: Xylose mellow issue date: 2008-10-28 9:47:3Date of expiration of 2: Value of 3 months product: 40000 yuan / ton product standards: Measure of 25 kilograms of products: 1 ton of hits: Pack a specification 192 times: 25 kilograms / pail Information content structural formula: Character of   of   of   of   of   of C5H12O5     : ⑴ exterior: White crystallization sex is pulverous, have sweet taste, without peculiar smell, have cool and refreshing feeling. ⑵ dissolve shape: Aqueous solution is clear and transparent, 1g xylose mellow dissolve at making an appointment with 0.65ml water in, small dissolve at alcohol. Density (20 ℃ ) = 1.5g / Cm3. Utility: Basically use as the sweet taste agent in food industry. ⑴ uses at food industry: Prevent fructose of excel of dental caries character and cane sugar. Because xylose is mellow,be not used by the bacterial place of generation dental caries, it does not produce acid in oral cavity, maintain oral cavity neutral, can prevent dental acid etching. Accordingly, xylose alcohol can apply extensively at defending caries provision as sweet taste agent. ⑵ uses the cool and refreshing feeling of xylose alcohol and sweet taste, brown does not arise to change when heating reaction, property is stable, have hygroscopic, be not fermented wait for character by microzyme, sweet taste regards as the agent in applying at food of mug-up, candied, chocolate, potted beverage, can maintain longer plasticity than sucrose, extend its expiration period. ⑶ regards a family as the substitute of sugar, can pass to be caused more with preventing sucrose to absorb fat disease and diabetic. ⑷ regards medicine as industrial burden, replace dextrose, it is the healthy sugar of diabetic person. Keep in storage: Should in the environment with lay aside dry, clean, ventilated existence. Store temperature under 25 ℃ , relative humidity under 65 % . Moistureproof, prevent heat, prevent bask in. Forbidden mix with toxic substance put, lest pollute. Release a company: Contact of of limited company of Zhengzhou city brilliant additive agent for food: Mr Yang connects a telephone call: Fax of 0371-66566968: Network address of firm of 0371-68275611: Email of Http://www.zzhuihuang888.cn: Chunhuiqiye@126.com
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