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Supply pigment of water dissolve curcuma
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Information introduces news type: Supply information product name: Issue date of water dissolve curcuma: 2008-10-29 10:37:4Date of expiration of 2: Value of product of a month: Standards of product of 000: Measure of product of 545445: Hits of 4444454545: Pack a specification 137 times: Scope of application: Apply to area products, candied, beverage, cake, dressing, bean products, bloat essence of dish, chicken, Peng changes food to wait chromatic or complementary color. The norms that pack: Use polyethylene food bucket to pack, also can want quantity and requirement to undertake packing according to the client. Store movement condition: Sealed, avoid smooth, dry, shady and cool place is saved. Information content this pigment is the natural edible pigment that becomes for emulsification of raw material classics with purificatory curcuma element. Its are main component is the turmeric element, oxygen that take off armour base the turmeric element, double oxygen that take off armour base turmeric element. The product is rufous liquid, yi Rong at water, not dissolve at grease, anhydrous alcohol. Its are tonal acidity and neuter stability show yellow, alkalescent show orange color red to rufous, . Release a company: Qingdao roc is far natural pigment contact: Sale ministry connects a telephone call: Fax of 0532-81876628: Network address of firm of 0532-81876629: Email of Http://www.qdpy.com: Qingdaopengyuan@yahoo.com.cn
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