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Demon taro pink
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Information introduces news type: Supply information product name: Demon taro pink issue date: 2008-10-28 9:47:3Date of expiration of 7: Value of 3 months product: The face discusses product standards: Measure of 25KG/ bag product: 1 ton of hits: Pack a specification 278 times: 25KG/ bag of short duration does not have a picture. . . Information content white or butter come flaxen powder. Heat or mechanical agitate can raise solubility. Do not have smelly, insipidity basically. Its aqueous solution has the very long appearance that pull silk, consistency is very tall. Dissolve at water not dissolve is mixed at alcohol adipose. Apply to: Products of jelly, conserve, ice-cream, area, biscuit, biscuit, cake release a company: Contact of of limited company of Zhengzhou city brilliant additive agent for food: Mr Yang connects a telephone call: Fax of 0371-66566968: Network address of firm of 0371-68275611: Email of Http://www.zzhuihuang888.cn: Chunhuiqiye@126.com

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