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One water lactose
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Information introduces news type: Supply information product name: Issue date of one water lactose: 2008-10-28 9:46:4Date of expiration of 9: Value of 3 months product: 18000 yuan / ton product standards: Measure of 25 kilograms of products: 1 ton of hits: Pack a specification 211 times: 25 kilograms / bag 25 kilograms / pail Information content lactose is Nan lacteal animal is galactic in peculiar a kind of disaccharide, lactose is mixed by a member dextrose half lactose place makes the a member. Lactose is contained to be 4.6-4.7 % in bovine breast, lactose is contained to be 6-8 % in person breast. Of lactose sweet degree of 1/5 that is candy of be the concubine. Lactose is in food industry, use at making infantile food and condensed milk variety. In medical industry, use at the sweet taste agent of medicines and chemical reagents and excipient, in addition, still can make germiculture base. Release a company: Contact of of limited company of Zhengzhou city brilliant additive agent for food: Mr Yang connects a telephone call: Fax of 0371-66566968: Network address of firm of 0371-68275611: Email of Http://www.zzhuihuang888.cn: Chunhuiqiye@126.com
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