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Hydroted alumina
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Information introduces news type: Supply information product name: Issue date of hydroted alumina: 2008-10-27 15:15:5Date of expiration of 5: Value of 3 months product: Standards of product of 8: Measure of product of Kg: Hits of 10000: Pack a specification 90 times: Of short duration of Kg does not have a picture. . . Information content is pure article for white monocline crystal or powder. Specific gravity 2.42. Heat to become oxide to the evaporate when 300 ℃ . Not dissolve Yushui and alcohol. Hydroted alumina can have reaction with acid already, can have reaction with alkali again, accordingly, hydroted alumina is typical bisexual hydrate. Hydroted alumina dissolve makes aluminous acerbity salt at alkali solution, but because aluminous acid is a weak acid, aluminous acerbity salt is very easy hydrolysis. Accordingly, add acid to the middle of solution of aluminous acerbity salt, or connect CO2, or join salt of strong acid weak base, or the dilute that add water, can produce hydroted alumina precipitation again. Release a company: Zhengzhou century 100 plain contact of of food burden limited company: Wang Na connects a telephone call: Fax of 0371-68862995: Network address of firm of 0371-68862655: Email of Http://sjbc.cebiz.cn: Shijibaichuan0001@163.com

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