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2 oxidation silicon
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Information introduces news type: Supply information product name: 2 oxidation silicon issue date: 2008-10-27 15:16:0Date of expiration of 0: Value of 3 months product: Standards of product of 18: Measure of product of Kg: Hits of 10000: Pack a specification 110 times: Of short duration of Kg does not have a picture. . . Information content character: Density of? of Xie of wild consult  2.65, melting point 1680C. Fineness: 2500 eye. Basically use at balata, project balata, plastic, the project is plastic, fluorine silicon acid, silicon salt, paint wire cable, fireproof material, insulation material. Release a company: Zhengzhou century 100 plain contact of of food burden limited company: Wang Na connects a telephone call: Fax of 0371-68862995: Network address of firm of 0371-68862655: Email of Http://sjbc.cebiz.cn: Shijibaichuan0001@163.com

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