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Plenary meeting of world wine line of business concludes in Beijing
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On October 19, 2008, 20 days, plenary meeting of world wine line of business is held smoothly in Beijing. This second congress with " wine line of business -- culture of · of environment of · of economy of social responsibility · " give priority to a problem, exert oneself discusses different wine to plant, link of industrial catenary, different consumption reachs the real problem that assumes the respect existence such as social responsibility in economy, environment, culture.

Before this congress is held, chinese industry studies net investigation shows, our country shares 18 thousand liquor to produce a business, and liquor brand more be as high as several. 2006, entire industry accrete produces alcohol 3.97 million tons; Achieve sales revenue ninety-seven billion one hundred and thirty-nine million yuan, grow 31.08% compared to the same period; Implementation profit total 10.02 billion yuan, grow 36.90% compared to the same period.

On one hand, wine line of business of China grows at full speed, predicting 2007-2011 year sales revenue of industry of our country liquor will maintain of 12% add on average fast, industry profit will maintain 25% of the left and right sides add on average fast, liquor industry boom continues perch moves. And market of bishop, yellow rice or millet wine has 10% above every year add fast. On the other hand, chinese wine culture is had long the history, in the life that pervades nearly each person about the culture of wine. However, brew industry is the industry of a tall pollution, how can develop to be able to harm an environment less as far as possible again quickly already, will be the direction that entire industry fights jointly.