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Food of Bohai Sea of annulus of the 2nd 2009 China (power sea) exhibition
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Invitation letter
Time: On May 22, 2009 - 24 days
Place: International of Chinese • power sea exhibits a center
Theme: Health consumes excellent progress
Meaning: Creat trade new platform advocates food safety stimulative industry of trend of spending of environmental guiding green communicates
Tenet: Potential of development food market founds brand of high grade culture
Sponsor an unit: Association of fishery of China of government of people of power sea city
Undertake unit: Association of industry of food of power sea city power Hai Molong can exhibit limited company
Power sea achieves power meeting to exhibit limited company
Abroad assist do: Japanese harbor news agency
Support an unit: Power sea city can exhibit the office bureau of tourism of power sea city TV station of power sea city
One, exhibition setting introduces:
As 2008 the end of the Olympic Games, develop green economy and green culture, advocate person and natural harmony to get along, encourage people to choose green food, compose builds green harmony society, for food industry of China development brought more business chance. Current exposition makes full use of power sea adjoin faces Korea, Japan and northeast inferior the district advantage of each country, for company of our country food " go, introduce come " reach in commerce, information, capital, talent, resource extend provide an admirable platform, promote indigenous company brand and development of local region economy further.
Current provision is exhibited got a country the approval of city people government mixes relevant section, power sea to support energetically, this meeting with " advocate green " for catchword, encourage food safety, green consumption, devote oneself to to promote trade trade, communication, northeast is reached in annulus Bohai Sea inferior the brand grand meeting that the area makes taste trade of industry communication, classics in order to feed to cooperate.
2, exhibit meeting window
1, authoritative, professional exhibit meeting regale.
2, outstanding food ginseng exhibits business head to spend appear on power sea with the stage, reveal recreational food to experience a zone.
3, abroad buy the home to attend a meeting eagerly purchase, cross a country to purchase reveal distinctive glamour.
4, global authoritative orgnaization is assembled in exhibit meeting, make food exhibit in the round of the meeting professional with authority.
Exhibition of the corresponding period and major activity
Week of culture of industry of ocean of 1.2009 China power sea 2. Exposition of product of fishery of international of the 4th power sea
Forum of height of food of border of 3.2009 Sino-Japanese Korea 4. Communication of company of Sino-Japanese Han food is met 5. Communication of food equipment technology is met 6. Cultural Festival of first beer of power sea city
3, show an area: 10000 square metre
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