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ChinaBrew2008: Latest technology of equipment of emersion beer beverage
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The China 2008, it is a year when reveal actual strength and elegant demeanour. The October of Beijing, it is the season of again and again of a great achievements more. On October 20, 2008 (the 8th) production technology of China International beer, beverage and equipment exhibition (ChinaBrew&Beverage2008) in Beijing China International exhibition center opens. Come from the whole world many 500 ginseng of nearly 20 countries and area exhibits business to assemble in Beijing, share machine of global beer, beverage newest development achievement. Of Gao Shuiping exhibit can promote an industry to develop, casting the turning point that the company grows! What CHINABREWCHINABEVERAGE passes ten years is arduous and cultivated drill with all previous, the vane that has grown to make a trade for global beer, beverage and communication platform.

Because preparation is sufficient, the organization is strong, brand characteristic is bright, develop target clarity, current exhibit area of can total exhibition to achieve 45, 000 square metre, international exhibits area area 11, 000 square metre, in pairs is gone to more than. Limits of item on display covered the whole process that liquid state food produces. Exhibit can present an exhibition area the big, ginseng that postpone business exhibits an area big, content of technology of item on display is high, high-end major audience is much, the service is all-around wait for a few big marked characteristics.

Two years brand is exhibited meeting, exhibited an enterprise to offer the optimal arena that shows company actual strength and brand competition ability to join, they carry newest product, latest technology and development concept in succession, ginseng of high standards, large area is exhibited. A lot of and well-known company is in the whole world exhibit the actual strength product that newest research and development rolled out on the meeting, it is global rollout partly among them. The sophisticated technology equipment that represented future of industry of machinery of beer, beverage to develop way, new material, new technology and project form a complete set are new mode formed exhibit a series of heat of the meeting. Kelangsi company (Krones) much work was done nearly two years in product and technical innovation respect, machine of Neozoic asepsis close over have very big innovation; Germany happy company (SIDEL) newest rolled out NoBottle the PET packing bottle of this kind of lightweight and the first FlexLine product line that use production technically to exceed lightweight bottle; Pack the equipment supplier with banner industry as Chinese beverage, grand of express the idea will be in current exhibit fill of the machine that note model, asepsis is revealed to install the 7 old series such as machine to reflect its on the meeting all fronts product of powerful research and development and engineering capability. In addition, still have KHS, Sakemi (SACMI) and the small plane of the celestial bodies in Nanjing small plane of home, Hefei, Chongqing industry expert that is a delegate appears with clothbound battle array in succession, they also brought outfit of perforative material handling, brew, fill, product to pack the diversity solution that waits for whole product line. The new technology that domestic and international enterprise still will bring the domain such as equipment of pre-treatment of automation system control, beer and new facility exhibit elegant demeanour.
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