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Exhibition of industry of starch of northward international of the 3rd 2008 Chin
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Amylaceous industry is sunny industry, because can drive agricultural development, and get national policy give aid to. Our country amylaceous industry is in commodity to grow period, development potential is great. Amylaceous average per capita has 7.2 kilograms, 8% be the United States, 31% Japanese, under consumption level of Thailand average per capita, because this has larger development space. Starch can apply in the very extensive field such as food, medicine, chemical industry, papermaking, oil, development perspective is more wide. As the ceaseless development of science and technology, the ceaseless grow in quantity of the new product such as amylaceous, amylaceous candy and amylaceous ramification and development of product of amylaceous deep treatment are accelerated also help the rapid development that moved amylaceous industry. At the same time as own innovation ability rise ceaselessly, domestic development developed all sorts of starch and deep the new technology that processes a product, new facility, form own intellectual property and well-known trademark.

Shandong, it is China's biggest starch and base of amylaceous ramification production, major effect is having in socioeconomy development of the whole nation. The industry has advantage of integral dimensions, quality not only, and industrial structure gets optimizing, formed specialization manufacturing pattern, dimensions benefit is apparent. If begin trade, on the west king, protect age treasure, Lu Zhou, celebrate, home market is had rate first what rank an industry. Shandong goes in countrywide front row. The promotion of new technology of new product development, new technology applies, promoted Shandong starch and amylaceous ramification the competition ability on domestic and international market greatly.

Be based on this, by Shandong province food industry office, Shandong saves food industry association, Shandong to save committee of major of additive agent for food, Qingdao La Bo can exhibit limited company to be held jointly " exhibition of industry of starch of northward international of the 3rd 2008 China " on August 28, 2008 - be in 30 days Qingdao international exhibition center, welcome everybody to arrive at visiting guidance at the appointed time.

Beer will wave in August sweet! Blue sea hoists the sails! Hand in hand northward starch is exhibited, start industry brand grand meeting in all!

Exhibit meeting characteristic

★ property base is solid: Shandong is China's largest amylaceous property base, amylaceous industry is Shandong province has one of characteristic industries most, gross of scale of production, economy, benefit and exit are achieved collect all occupy countrywide front row, sales revenue occupies countrywide first place 10 years continuously. Shandong has many 1000 amylaceous production to process a business. Qingdao is the bibcock that Shandong economy grows, one of China's most principal foreign trade port, combine the advantage of Shandong food and papermaking industry, more the acceleration that promoted amylaceous industry develops.
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