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2008 China Kunming exhibition of equipment of technology of roast, coffee
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2008 China Kunming exhibition of equipment of technology of roast, coffee

Specially invite unit: Association of Kunming city bake, Yunnan saves union of industry of coffee of the area that think of cogongrass

Media promotion: Pack website of coffee of net of bake of website of bake of net of as mechanical as food, contemporary bake, China, China, China

Food of magazine of food of mechanically-laid web of net of package machine of mechanically-laid web of food of net of industry of food of net of industry of food of mechanically-laid web of food of net of Chinese food industry, China, China, China, China, food, food, China and foreign countries, China exhibits coffee of city of meeting net, Guangzhou mechanically-laid web of net of trade of association, coffee, China

■ the market is looked into

Kunming serves as east bridgehead of alliance free-trade area, also be world-famous international travel city, cheng Dongqi is had in South Asia the main area advantage on the west. Yunnan province has number with 100 thousand plan meal of dot of astral class hotel, door, characteristic is high-grade airport of aviation of center of group of logistics of house of cake of inn of meal wine shop, cake, supermarket, universities and colleges, international serves, Western-style food inn, recreational food store, car. Roast market demand is exuberant. Yunnan is saved or coffee is cultivated, area of treatment, consumption, coffee serves as the diet of the developed country, what because Yunnan saves travel industry,also meet is fast develop and develop.

■ constituent characteristic and propagandist promotion

It is important that equipment of technology of roast, coffee exhibits this second China Kunming to reach things exhibition as facilities of hotel of 2008CKIHE China Kunming the international client that component will use major serves means organization to exhibit meeting result: Publish postpone conference brief report, establish official website, execute professional audience database to popularize, form a complete set holds the seminar of industry of roast, coffee and contest, in 110 kinds of industries release on relevant medium exhibit meeting information above of more than 1000 length. Invite mainly Yunnan and east ministry of food of orgnaization of hotel of class of factory of moon cake of cookie of hall of the cake inn of alliance area, snack inn, Western-style food, bar, cafe, bakery, cake, star, large meal, bazaar, food machines enterprise and professional bake / coffee industry facilities and.

■ show range

One, roast kind: Bake (biscuit, cake, moon cake, biscuit) manufacturing facilities, the equipment that pack. Refrigerant cold storage lasts appearance of equipment, instrument and automation unit, stainless steel goods, bake appliance, the metal detects device. Content of cake room shop, supermarket sheds establishment, expose system of equipment, computer management. Product of relevant bake industry, special flour, mix beforehand products of pink, refrigerant dough, amylaceous, potato, dried fruit. Special grease, bright butter, special milk products. Flour reforms agent, biscuit reforms agent, cake reforms agent, convenient cover reforms agent; lasts the relevant additive agent for food such as agent of agent, yeasty, flavor, essence, pigment, sweet taste. The cake such as young of chocolate, candy, candle, emulation model decorates material. The material that pack, container. The moon cake such as stuffing makings, fruit makings, nutlet, preserved fruit, tinned fruit, cake complementary makings. Biscuit, cake, moon cake, biscuit produces equipment, yuan Fucai expects the furnish that reach a bag has. Moon cake and cake are contemporary pack, mount, foil, package the complementary makings, data that pack. Bake book and groom orgnaization.
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