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Chinese candied section all the way violent wind song
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Chinese candied section all the way violent wind song

Chinese candied section becomes the major inside Chinese candied industry gradually the first exhibit, show its active dominant position: Relatively compare at before two photographs, of 2008 China candied section exhibit business to book extend a time earlier, till August, show an area of 84% exhibit digit quantity to had been booked, exhibit business to book an amount relatively grew 43% last year, among them before be two 66% ginseng postpone a business, of international, home purchase business to sign up visiting amount also relatively the corresponding period grew 29% last year, be apart from these arrogant numbers that before beginning 2 months control to occupy, the position of trade main body that enough proves 2008 China candied part.

International chocolate tycoon -- candied section of China of the Luo Shouguang that expend a row

The cost that regards the whole world as one of the biggest chocolate tycoons more collect, enter Chinese area first exhibit meeting activity, head smooth 2008 China candied section. 2008, with terminal consumptive promotion ties the kind that commerce orders goods, can more attraction numerous consumer is participated in, promoted a brand value greatly, promoted consumption at the same time, increased to consume consciousness.

Biscuit, confiture, Peng changes the recreational food such as food to will become new central issue

Change biscuit, confiture, Peng the recreational food such as food to include a theme, it is the organizing committee changed newly 2008, also be an organizing committee feed those who taste an industry to take seriously to lying fallow. This second activity will be to gather together candy of sex of high grade chocolate, function, marriage celebrates domestic and international each country candied, children candy / preserved fruit of biscuit of sex of chocolate, recreational biscuit, ship biscuit, function, jelly, roasted seeds and nuts, cake, confiture, fish does a fish chest of biltong of silk, flesh, Peng is changed. Bencitong reachs recreational food fair in candied biscuit too, promote the rapid development of recreational food industry further.

On the other hand, recreational food machinery of all sorts of raw material, production, package machine, wrapping paper, box, canister, detect equipment and other assisted equipment company to also be certain the condition of development state of affairs of recreational 2008 food, numerous enterprise is in fulfil ginseng signing up to exhibit matters concerned.

The travel of 2008 Europe chocolate section

The agreement of strategic partner concern that according to Chinese candy section and European chocolate section reach, strengthen communication of international of industry of chocolate of fruit of double cube sugar of medium, meaning and cooperation, both sides uses respective platform to be industry of industry of Chinese candied chocolate and European candy chocolate to publicize promotion. Came on October 18, 2008 on October 26, 2008, by in candy appoint division organizing committee is organized and guide Chinese industry group to attend the European chocolate festival that cares about Dalipeilugu to hold with Chinese candy.
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