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Oily product of food of the 8th China International and equipment technology exh
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By national commissariat bureau and Jiangsu save people government to be sponsorred jointly, government of Nanjing city people, medium bureau of commissariat of special support, country expands food group limited company the grain of the 8th China International that the unit such as guild of commissariat of communication center, China undertakes is oily.

"Chinese food oily high-quality goods reveals Fair " as dimensions of industry of our country food the biggest, class shows grand meeting highestly, hold 7 successfully already since establishing 1999, to promote our country food current system is reformed, stimulative commissariat produce and sale joins, show image of food oily company, extend sale channel of food oily high-quality goods, deepen technical research and development and communication, strengthen construction of industrialization of grain oil deep treatment, commissariat of implementation our country can last of current job development made very large contribution, mix inside the industry formed socially very tall famous degree, the brand that already made trade of our country commissariat stage by stage is exhibited meeting.

Current exhibit can set food oily machinery to exhibit instrument of assay of check of area, commissariat to exhibit area, each province to exhibit palm oil of round area, Malaysia to exhibit area, grease to exhibit culture of area, commissariat to exhibit an area 6 exhibit an area greatly, bureau of commissariat of 25 province, areas of countrywide, city forms a delegation ginseng exhibit, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to exceed 500, exhibition gross area is close 20000 square metre. With toward exhibit meeting photograph to compare, current exhibit can have the following characteristics:

One, company of aircraft of domestic and international famous grain can approbate degree of year after year to rise to exhibiting. Current exhibit can share ginseng of company of aircraft of 68 domestic and international famous grain to exhibit, food oily machinery exhibits area area to amount to 5300 square metre, have 17 with holding the grain aircraft company that exhibits a stage to appear especially among them, include plane of shepherd group, Ji Bisheng grain (GBS) , always machine of grain of city of grain of beautiful of machinery of food of brook of crane of machinery of auspicious grain machine, Qi Li, Jiangsu, Hunan, Changzhou, Chen, Anhui always is become, Long Wei of machine of big unprocessed food grains, division is special, , install especially 2/3 what exhibit an area to occupy whole grain machine to exhibit area area, increased than previous term or session 20% . Joined company of the aircraft that exhibit grain to cover major country to have the grain aircraft company of dimensions relatively almost, and the company of aircraft of grain of famous foreign capital that sets a plant in China. Join the rice machinery that exhibit to have rice mill, go machine of stone machine, rice huller, magnetic separation, color choosing machine, polisher, packer, flour machinery has grinder, go machine of machine of stone machine, tall square sieve, promotion, purifier, Guan Feng, oil equipment has oil of equipment of oil plants soak, cleaning equipment, oil press, filter machine of equipment of furnish of fill of equipment of fine of machine, grease, finished product, deodorization, and facilities of treatment of instrument of assay of storage equipment, metric equipment, check, staple food.
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