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Next month of fair of 2008 China food is held in Ning Bo
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With " food safety and industry innovation development " the fair of 2008 China food that gives priority to a problem will be in Zhejiang to save Ning Bo city to hold at will coming 10 days on November 7.

Fair of 2008 China food saves a government to be sponsorred jointly by Department of Commerce and Zhejiang, the meeting feeding rich this year with " food safety and industry innovation development " give priority to a problem, arranged an exhibition to reveal, the tripartite extent content such as activity of height forum, theme. Current the meeting that feed rich shows an area 60 thousand much square metre, setting international standard is exhibited 3000 or so. With before a few photograph comparing, this year exhibit can increase environmental protection of achievement of food scientific research, food energy-saving processing technique, brand, patent, additive agent for food and burden show content, food industry catenary is lengthened further, the product that the exhibition shows amounts to 22 kinds big.

It is reported, at present the job of the flutter that enrol business of fair of 2008 China food goes well, 3000 stall are ordered basically already, the whole nation has 29 provinces, area, city to will form a delegation ginseng meeting. At the appointed time, include Le Fu of Ou Shang, home, Mai Delong, 100 get the better of, before group of trade of more than 10 when wait inside domestic and international large chain will form a delegation, Yimaide, Home Hua Runmo is purchased.