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Salt of high end of Chinese salt industry tastes development forum to hold
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On October 9, be in " in salt " during the brand is born two years, sponsor by head office of Chinese salt industry, in saline country first when this salt industry limited company undertakes " salt of high end of Chinese salt industry tastes development forum " hold in Beijing. The salt of high end of Chinese salt industry of the Gao Shuiping that this forum is rich achievement tastes development and communication grand meeting.

The research and development that this second forum tastes around salt of Chinese high end and market prospect, the high-end salt that links countrywide main city tastes development existing state of affairs, the development that tastes with respect to salt of Chinese high end and market conformity spread out to discuss. The cent of topic for discussion of forum is two parts, the advanced sex of the scientific sex that expert group adds microelement and nutrient health, algal iodine with respect to salt and applied foreground, algal iodine and research and development are looked into waited for a topic for discussion to undertake the theme makes a speech. Sale group is tasted with respect to high-end salt the situation is analysed and look into, high-end salt is tasted how develop and popularize, the market prospect that high-end salt tastes, high-end salt tastes the look up before the technology and hatch promotion, and the development existing state of affairs that at present salt of each main city high end tastes and market promotion experience, how should countrywide salt trade strengthen combination, salt of development high end is tasted, service society, improve beneficial result, the historical course that drives trade of our country salt to become salt industry powerful nation at an early date undertook special subject makes a speech. What saline division falls in is medium what research and development of this salt industry company produces saline country is medium salt is algal salt of iodic series nutrition, become the typical delegate that salt of high end of Chinese salt industry tastes.

The research of algal iodine is 1990~1995 of place of ocean of Chinese Academy of Sciences year during assumed country " 85 " tackle key problem research task. Obtained Ministry of Public Health to approve algal iodine to serve as additive agent for food in March 1997. The research of algal iodine declared first prize of progress of national science and technology 1998. Divide in algal iodine outside containing 20% organic iodine of the left and right sides, still contain manna alcohol, small element algal candy and dissolubility are algal and amylaceous etc.

Of the development need policy that salt of Chinese high end tastes lead and support; The fixed position that high-end salt savors needs the edificatory of expert scholar viewpoint and opinion; The research and development that high-end salt tastes and production need force of advanced science and technology to make backup force; The consumes promotion to need salt industry industry more market that high-end salt tastes is managed and run. This the success of forum is held is Chinese salt industry those who implement scientific progress concept is actual reflect, it is the specific action that ensures safety of our country salt, will become Chinese salt industry to develop new vane undoubtedly, the new development of salt industry of achievement China high end
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