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2009 the United States (western) international natural, organic food and relevan
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2009 the United States (western) international natural, organic food and relevant product exposition

Date stops since: 2009-03-06 comes 2009-03-08

Exhibit meeting name: 2009 the United States (western) international natural, organic food and relevant product exposition

Exhibit house place: American California An Na Chinese

Sponsor an unit:

Phone: 010-85916278

Contact: Miss Lin

Fax: 010-51600509

Network address: Http:// Www.lansing.cn

Email: Emily@lansing.cn

Exhibit meeting description: 2009 the United States (western) international natural, organic food and relevant product exposition

One, show time: In March 2009 6-8 day

2, show a location: American California An Na Chinese

3, exhibit frequency second: Annual two, east, the city is held western

4, content of item on display:

Natural / function / organic food and raw material -- food of products of food of additive agent for food of vegetables of green health food and raw material, function food, fresh fruit, green, organic tea, tailor-made food, aggrandizement, careful food, ripe meat, refrigerant food, bean products, dehydrate, corn, organic flesh;

Natural / organic drink -- fruit vegetables juice, tea, drink reducing weight, wait without drink of alcoholic beverage, lactic acid;

Nourishment -- vitaminic reach health protection of function of nourishment of food, mineral, product reducing weight, motion, sex to taste, nutrient beverage;

Natural nurse -- cosmetic, skin nurses, the hair nurses, hydrotherapy product, flavor is sweet a kind of sweet grass, massage, the baby nurses etc;

Other product -- domestic Ju Qingjie is tasted etc; Facilities of the product label, treatment that pack and technology.

5, postpone meeting introduction:

Should be being exhibited is the organic product with North America the largest area is exhibited, annual two are in the United States respectively east, western the city is held. Should exhibit of the meeting purchase business to come from American mainland not only, europe, Asia, South America even Africa has numerous buy the home to head for negotiate. 8 years western exhibit meeting ginseng to postpone business nearly 3400, professional visiting number amounts to 52000 people.

Organic food is having broad international market to develop prospect. The expert is forecasted, 20% what the sale of world organic food will occupy food to sell gross, the organic food of the developed country relies on an entrance basically. The organic food that Germany, Holand, England imports every year has machine food to consume gross respectively 60% , 60% , 70% , the organic provision that American place wants 80% rely on an entrance. The consumptive demand that comes to the United States one year to have machine food recently increased 17% . The American of more than 75% can buy organic food, the organic food sale 2006 reached 47 billion dollar, almost store of all supermarkets, chain sells organic food. Organic food is making one of main products that the developing country exports to the developed country.
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