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3 get together cyanogen amine spreads to vegetable the remain in dawdle is spent
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"Poisonous milk powder " after incident happening before long, chinese Ministry of Public Health will undertake contacting with World Health Organization on September 11, hope its hand is right 3 get together the noxiousness of cyanogen amine undertakes assessment. Current, the scientist is in lettuce, celery, tomato, potato even in the crop such as dawdle, discover remain 3 get together cyanogen amine. It is especially in dawdle, its remain is highest achieve every kilograms of 17 milligram to control. The influence with pesticide safe to food remain, it is a more great topic, also be China a long-standing " soft costal region " .
" finance and economics " magazine story, the world defends constituent Beijing delegate to be in concerned personage to express, the relevant expert of its headquarters helps collect and the research data that arranged international to get on many having, pass on gives China Ministry of Public Health. But regretful is, at present all research achievement, it is to be based on 3 get together experiment of cyanogen amine animal gets. Because still be not had 3 get together the data of test of direct human body of cyanogen amine, can according to animal experiment extrapolate its are affected.
On May 24, 2007, be in the United States " incident of poisonous pet food " after erupting before long, american food medicines and chemical reagents controls management board (FDA) , bureau of environmental protection of American Ministry of Agriculture, United States (EPA) and land safety ministry once was released jointly " 3 get together cyanogen amine and analogue security and risk metaphase are evaluated " report. In this report, 3 get together cyanogen amine is defined to be a kind of low poisonous small even poison to pledge, "When only large dose is exposed, just can produce noxiousness to the animal " .
Nevertheless, this report also admits, these experimental great majority are to be in mice undertakes on such rodent animal body, those who be aimed at a dog is only also one. Existing research achievement has shown, in different animal model, 3 get together the noxiousness that cyanogen amine shows is not identical.
Accordingly, the report emphasizes on one hand, to mammal this is planted material is low poison, although cultivate birds edible is contained 3 get together the feed of cyanogen amine, the product such as its flesh, egg is safe still; In the meantime, also emphasize having notting be in at present the cat has done similar test on person even.
Institute of American public health (APHA) director tall treats Benjamin (Georges Benjamin) one of 6 evaluation experts that are this report. He says frankly, at present to 3 get together what the human body noxiousness of cyanogen amine still knows is very little. A general consensus is, relative to at adult character, children is planted more easily by this corporeal harm. Up to now, because edible suffers from by contaminative milk powder,those who suffer from kidney stone is an infant, because of,have not discover an adult a case of this sicken.
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