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Food uses flavor classification and encode A
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Food of level of state of People's Republic of China uses flavor classification and encode GB/T 14156-93
Classification And CodeOf Flavouring Substances
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1 theme content and suitable scope
This standard stipulated food uses the general principle of flavor classification and encode and specific number.
This standard applies to development, production, use, the situation that management and everything involves food to use spice.
2 term
2.1 flavor Aroma
One kind can be tasted to give the substance of fragrance by aroma of smell touch smell out or smell touch. Flavor can be living things of consist in nature (move namely
Content, plant includes alga) inside body, OK also by artificial synthesis () of chemical synthesis, biosynthesis, have some of variety among them
Have not discover in nature.
2.2 food use flavor Flavour
Can use at allocating food to use the spice of essence. It includes natural fragrance material, natural the fragrance material that be equal and man-made
Fragrance material 3 kinds.
Natural Flavouring Substances of material of 2.3 natural fragrance
Namely natural food flavor, the material that gets from the depart in natural and balmy raw material with dinkum physics method.
2.4 natural the fragrance material Natural-identical Flavouring Substances that be equal
Namely natural the food flavor that be equal, the thing that with synthesis the method gets or from chemistry of classics of natural and balmy raw material process depart gets
Qualitative, these material and the natural product that consume for the mankind (no matter whether had been machined) in the material that still exists is on chemistry
Be the same as.
Artificial Flavouring Substances of material of 2.5 man-made fragrance
Namely man-made food flavor, in the natural product that consumes for the mankind (no matter whether had been machined) in the fragrance content that has not discover
3 number principle
3.1 use code of additive agent for food committee namely CCFA(Codex Committee On Food Additives) , food is sweet
Makings industry international is organized namely IOFI(International Organization Of The Flavor Industry) and Europe
Council namely the CE(Council Of Europe) classification that uses spice to food. It is food flavor cent namely natural, natural etc
Be the same as and manufacturing pertumers 3 kinds, respectively with " N " " I " " A " wait for alphabet to show, write in front of number.
3.2 watches 1 food is expressed with natural flavor number, press the current name of the product, delimit according to Chinese pen amount weaves, avery kind of is sweet
Makings write a number.
3.3 watches 2 food are used natural be equal flavor number watch, number substantially contains main and luscious group by compound place (namely mellow, aether,
Phenolic, aldehyde, shrink aldehyde, ketone, inside ester, acerbity kind, contain sulfur to contain nitrification content and hydrocarbon kind reach) of its ramification etc, reoccupy is general
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