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Chinas first rays of food additives will be stationed in Shanghai supermarket no
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Shanghai is an important gateway, but also is the largest industrial city. Entitled "China's first supermarket food additives" known as the Northern rays supermarket food additives after 8 years in the painstaking development of large settled in Shanghai, means that the North's development of national marketing network rays again elevated to a strategic level. North rays food additives more than 1,000 varieties of supermarket operators, can satisfy the bakery, meat, milk drinks, sauces, snack foods and other food processing enterprises of the actual demand, and promised to "leave no do not buy fake goods, to ensure the safety of food additives . " Supermarket warehouse wholesale and retail, adequate supply, the full range, quality assurance, reasonable prices, good service, one-stop-shop and so simplify the procurement process of local food businesses, save a lot of procurement costs, win customers a wide range of market ages. Development so far, the North rays expanding production and operation of domestic and foreign food additives business cooperation, but also increased the company's investment in R & D efforts. Currently, the North rays with the domestic first-class R & D center and established a production base. All around the market for the market to develop products for large customers with personalized service; while the introduction of advanced technology, and guide the healthy development of the market. Now, the company has developed more than 300 kinds of series production of branded products through the Group's strong marketing network and successfully toward the domestic market. No food additives, no modern food industry. We are confident that, with the Shanghai branch opening, the North rays can not only provide a wealth of local food products, you can also take advantage of its technological advantages to solve the actual problem, the Shanghai food industry contribute to the healthy development of modest means.