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China will crack down on corporate abuse of food additives food behavior
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In order to implement the spirit of the notice of the State Council, Ministry of Health and other departments jointly issued 4 "illegally added in 2010 to strengthen consolidation of non-food substances and the abuse of food additives implementation of the program" clearly add to the exposure group of illegal substances and the abuse of non-edible food additives list of enterprises, food production and operation to crack down on illegal and criminal activities of enterprises. Clear implementation plan, to food additives to improve the core of long-term regulatory mechanism to punish crimes as a means to consolidate the effectiveness of the previous stage to rectify promptly investigate the new law to add non-food substances and the abuse of food additives behavior. Continue to root out and severely punished for the illegal production and management added to the food behavior of non-food substances, food additives, according to regulatory norms. Implementation of the program requirements, to root out the consumption of agricultural plant breeding and food production, distribution and catering services in the law to add non-food substances and the abuse of food additives behavior. The supervision departments should conduct a full coverage check. Implementation of the program also requires food additives to regulate the development, licensing, production and circulation. Food additives and related products to enhance the safety evaluation studies, carried out illegally added in food testing and non-food substances and the development trend of screening methods. Strict accordance with the implementation of the new varieties of food additives administrative licensing system, the timely disclosure of material without permission after the review list. Strict requirements for production permits, standardized labeling of food additives and instructions to crack down on undocumented behavior of the production of food additives. Food additives legally registered business entities, and severely punish and ban acts of unlicensed operation of food additives. In addition, relevant departments will improve the food additive regulations and standards. Hygiene standards in food additives and supporting standard system (revising), accelerate the establishment of standards of food additives. In order to regulate the safety management is squeezed drink, the State Food and Drug Administration to draft a "food service unit is pressed Beverage Management Measures (Draft)", the recent comments to the community. Draft that is now pressing beverages may not use food additives.