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Prevent halitosis to drink center of yoghurt _ news more
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Generally speaking, there is peculiar smell basic in oral cavity the following two reasons: 1. Oral cavity is not wholesome; 2. Function of gastric bowel line is disorder. And no matter be which reason, the culprit is a bacterium. If go looking for doctor of department of stomatology to see a doctor, he may put forward to suggested at 2 o'clock: The first, want to eat well, pay attention to dietary balance namely, absorb enough protein and carbohydrate, and the vegetable that contains a lot ofall sorts of vitamins and fruit; The 2nd, had better brush his teeth after eat or use tooth of dental floss get rid of. Still have a kind of method actually, having itself of a few kinds of food is the hotshot of peculiar smell of purify oral cavity, can prevent halitosis to arise once more.

Sweet celery: This kind of herb most conduce to the peculiar smell in eliminating a mouth, especially smoke flavour. If at hand cannot find sweet celery temporarily, caraway, mint also can have the effect of peculiar smell of purify oral cavity. Better to achieve effect, these things are chewed so that time grows better more, perhaps use make tea drink. In addition, these a few kinds of afore-mentioned herb also have profit to digesting.

Yoghurt: Newest research makes clear, insist to drink yoghurt to be able to reduce the vulcanization hydrogen content in oral cavity everyday, because this kind of material is the culprit of oral cavity peculiar smell. Drink yoghurt to still can prevent the generation of harmful bacteria in oral cavity on time, these bacteria can cause gum disease or tooth bacterium spot. But, only natural yoghurt has such effect, this kind of effect is less than since sacchariferous yoghurt.

Contain a lot ofthe vegetable of cellulose and fruit: Include apple, carrot and celery to wait. These vegetable and fruit conduce to secrete a large number of saliva. Saliva not only can wet oral cavity, still can keep clear of adherent be above the tooth or fill in the food in slit between the teeth is residual. These food are residual also be one of causes that cause oral cavity peculiar smell.

Contain the food of many vitamin C: Berry, orange, watermelon and other the environment that the food that contains many vitamin C can make oral cavity forms to go against a bacterium to grow. Often absorb vitamin C very useful also to the health of gum. But want to notice, vitamin C should from natural food, absorb in additive agent for food of and rather than, may make digestive function disorder because of additive.

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