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Special punish enters food small mill center of news of _ of phase of assault fo
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Come day after day, branch of city qualitative inspect begins special subject of punish of depth of food small mill to groom with all possible means activity, be located in to whole town out-of-the-way, be short of more than 1000 food small mill that illuminate to have special repair without card. This is indicating small mill of our city food is special punish steps level of assault fortified positions in the round.

Small mill of our city food is close 1700, distributing wide, dimensions much, condition needs small, amount, punish difficulty is great. Since from national August yield character is measured and special punish activity begins food safety, city qualitative inspect, wholesome, industrial and commercial wait for a branch to coordinate linkage, each doing his own job, short between 20 climate, the investigation that completed small mill of whole town food namely builds files work. Municipal government goes out in the organization make an on-the-spot investigation, on the foundation of scientific proof, took the lead in coming on stage in complete province " production of food of Luo river city machines small mill to supervise administrative measure " . " method " specific provision, small to the food inside area under administration mill superintends various people government be in charge of, execute a product to selective examination, recall, be restricted the measure such as area sale. City qualitative inspect, wholesome, industrial and commercial wait for a branch to transfer professional technology personnel, according to this " method " , detailed formulate demand of resource of sanitation of environment of small to food mill, production, Yuan Fucai makings, product, quality management " 8 gist are begged " . Food of organization of branch of city qualitative inspect is supervised and standardize personnel to form technical service group, special formulate " food small mill is general the technology asks " reach steamed bread, bean curd, bean sprouts to wait for operation technology standard, give with the form of local standard release.

For the responsibility of owner of aggrandizement small mill, the our city is severe " 3 close " . It is by Ministry of Public Health the door shuts good sanitation. 2 it is by The Ministry of Commerce and Industry the door extends examine and verify of good business charter close. 3 be sign book of quality safety acceptance by qualitative inspect branch and owner one by one, the key publishs commitment 4 content: Do not produce food of treatment false bad, do not abuse additive agent for food, need not be not food raw material to machine food to wait, the food quality safety that produces to place is responsible. These practices of the our city, got the country pledges the height of check total bureau is evaluated.

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