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Functional polypeptide is in the center of applied _ news in health food
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Polypeptide is molecular structure interpose a kind of organic compound between amino acid and protein, form by amino acid, but differ somewhat again with protein, belong to the intermediate material between them. Amino acid can each other bolt with peptide mutual connective compound calls peptide, what contain amino acid to be few peptide less at 10 peptide, of more than 10 amino acid call polypeptide, amino acid amounts to the polypeptide of 50 above to call protein. The biology active of polypeptide is very tall, adjustable all sorts of physiology activities and biochemical reaction. Current, the scientist already discovered and depart gives the peptide inside a variety of 100 consist in human body, the research to polypeptide and use, be in very fervent condition.

Polypeptide has very important adjustment to human body health action, this kind of action involves all physiology activity of human body almost, like nerve, digest, absorb, metabolization, loop, grow, reproduction, endocrine. In the development that polypeptide can use at medicine and healthy food and production.

Applicable has a few kinds at the functional peptide of health food. Polypeptide of direct profess to convinced is a fast, efficient complement the way of amino acid, right weak and sick person body rehabilitation is very advantageous. Of functional peptide concept put forward, the development that is health food and additive agent for food develops, offerred good development opportunity. For example, lacteal peptide is aimed at what infant milk allergy reacts and develop namely, basically apply in infant food production, can use in balance nutrition food, motion food and common provision. And egg white peptide can be used extensively at nutrition in supplementary food, baby food and senile food production. The refreshment with corn fatigue to athletic hind peptide, alleviate drunk wine of hepatic disease, precaution and alvine function obstacle, all have positive effect.

Current, the functional peptide that can be used in food is the depart of natural protein to extract content more, they have good nutrient value mostly, have particular biologic function again, in the meantime, applied cost is inferior, avirulent side-effect.

Consider to discover, if human body lacks certain adjustment physiology functionary peptide, can cause the change of human performance. Accordingly, human body is on the foundation of diet, peptide of proper and compensatory certain active, to enhancing a constitution, rise prevent disease and disease-resistant ability, defer consenescence to have far-reaching sense. In the meantime, apply at the polypeptide of functional food, extract from inside food protein very much greatly partly. Use polypeptide material, development is beneficial to the health food of human health, have good market prospect.

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