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Our country will carry out center of news of _ of mandatory standard of country
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It is reported, since October 1, our country will implement mandatory standard of country of 31 food sanitation formally. Among them 7 wholesome standards are release first, involve powder of goods of beverage of solid of oil plants of cornmeal, plant, cocoa, alga, milk, pasteurize and sterilization breast, butter and rare butter. Other 24 are edit standard. The product before October 1 has a year of " to transfer period " . These 31 hygiene standard for food that carry out since October 1 are national mandatory standard, relevant enterprise must termless carry out.

The heavy metal in grain crop by set limit to. According to introducing, in 31 mandatory standard that are about to implement, the set limit to that increased the esp. physics of poisonous and harmful matter such as pair of lead, inorganic arsenic, cadmium, mercury and nitrite to change target sets. It is reported, because environmental pollution is serious with each passing day,making such provision is. Among them the pollution such as cadmium, mercuric, lead is more apparent, be more by contaminant grain crop. These heavy metal save up are inside human body, can produce acute and chronic noxiousness reaction.

Every kilogram breeds toxin of powdery yellow aspergillus must not exceed 0.5 microgramme. Yellow aspergillus toxin is a kind of strong carcinogenic substance, in distributinging extensively to reach its goods in mildewy commissariat. In these 31 hygiene standard for food that are about to carry out, set the standard of set limit to of yellow aspergillus toxin clearly. As we have learned, index of set limit to of yellow aspergillus toxin basically is aimed at 4 kinds of food: Corn, earthnut reachs its goods; Rice; Other commissariat, legume and ferment food; Infant recipe food. Be in what promulgate first " standard of lacteal powder sanitation " and " standard of sanitation of breast of pasteurize, sterilization " in specific provision: The lowermost set limit to of M1 of yellow aspergillus toxin must not exceed 0.5 microgramme for every kilogram.

Set limit to of the 666 remain in tea sets first. Although our country already taboo DDT (DDT) and 666 (HCH) , but still a large number of toxicant pledge remain is in soil. Show according to relevant data, the DDT remain in soil period for 4~30 year; And HCH needs 3~20 year noxiousness ability degradation. After editing this " drug of food middle peasant is the oldest rudimental set limit to " in the standard, food breed more refine, in new standard, the of 666 remain set limit to in setting tea first does not exceed 0.2 milligram for every kilogram.

Formaldehyde content standard is first in beer bright show. In new castigatory " ferment wine sanitation standard " in, of the formaldehyde in making clear beer first detect content. Standard regulation, the set limit to of the formaldehyde in beer is every to rise to must not exceed 2 milligram.

Most probably the standard appears first additive agent for food uses a requirement. Our country is active " additive agent for food uses wholesome level " , be classify with additive agent for food, if agent of antiseptic, sweet taste, antioxidant is mixed,protect lubricious agent to wait, match with the food limits that suits. And in this new standard, classify with food, make clear corresponding additive agent for food to use a level again.
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