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Center of news of _ of formulate of pollutant discharge standard of industry of
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In recent years. Industry of our country additive agent for food got developing quickly, gross of additive agent for food grew 9 % above than 2004 2005, total output achieves 3.63 million tons, achieve sales revenue 36.5 billion yuan. Total 2006 output achieves 4.43 million tons. Achieve sales revenue 46 billion yuan. End by 2006, the our country that list a person " additive agent for food uses wholesome level " (the additive agent for food of GB2760) 2171 kinds, among them edible flavor 1531 kinds. The manufacturer home of additive agent for food exceeded 1500, the manufacturer that has scale of production many 200, the variety that can manufacture is close 1200 kinds, some breed belong to new product of our country peculiar resource like certain and natural flavor. Acidity agent production is had more large-scale with the manufacturer with numerous amount, before crop resides the world 4.

Rise as what the dimensions of industry of additive agent for food changes standard of degree photograph technology, the international competition ability of the product also rises accordingly. The breed that exports 10 thousand tons of above now has 8 kinds, achieve those who collect above of ten million dollar to have 9 kinds, of more than 100 million dollars have two kinds, industry of additive agent for food already made the new class that on the forehead 100 million dollars export in food industry.

Proud in the achievement that is these arrogant people when, we cannot ignore another issue: Environmental protection. In last few years, the contradiction of progress of our country economy and resources environment is acerb with each passing day already, environmental problem more and more be taken seriously, the country asks to want this year energy-saving decrease a platoon to serve as the focal point that reinforces macroscopical adjusting control currently, promote managing development, clean development, safe development. While industry of additive agent for food is growing quickly, cannot forget

It is the social responsibility of a bear.

Speak of from Stockholm convention

" about endurance the Stockholm convention of organic contaminant " passed in Swedish capital Stockholm on May 22, 2001, up to now already

151 countries are signed, 83 states approval. It is afterwards 1987 " the Vienna Conventions that protects ozonosphere " and 1992 " convention of climate change frame " later, the 3rd is had mandatory the international convention of the requirement that decrease a platoon, it is the important step that international society takes preferential control to act to toxic chemical. Current, organic contaminant basically includes the endurance that this convention involves taboo and production pesticide, industrialization learns to taste with by-product 3 kinds big, add up to 12 kinds. Endurance organic contaminant is to show environment of abiding consist in is medium, build up through food web, create the chemical material of adverse effect to human health and environment. Differ with groovy contaminant, endurance organic contaminant is extremely difficult in environment degradation. Can wait for carrier move through water or air, after the saving inside person or animal body, cause cancer easily, cause great harm to health. Organic contaminant has a lot of endurance not only cause cancer, send abnormal, send choppy sex, this and still have endocrine to disturb action. Research makes clear. The organic contaminant influence to the mankind meets endurance continuously acting, live to multiply and can develop continuously to the mankind constitute great menace.
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