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The person that additive agent for food tags offset to expend has center of misd
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The crisis incident that report from our correspondent concerns with additive agent for food in last few years emerges in endlessly, your common people pays close attention to food safety all the more. Reporter yesterday exhibits know from additive agent for food of 2007 Shanghai international and burden, the misdirect of existence of the person that tag offset to expend that has some of additive agent for food at present.

Peng Ruiyan expresses secretary-general of guild of city additive agent for food, a few harmful the safe incident that adds composition to bring about, make reputation of additive agent for food is damaged. "In fact, use as the Sudan of dressing pigment the red, formaldehyde that lasts for fish is not additive agent for food, be not edible industrial chemicals however. Additive agent for food wants dosage not to exceed bid only, and use pair of places, it is safe to human body. It is safe to human body..

City quality is supervised examine mew powerful nation expresses technical academy, eye front row tags existence in the additive on provision part label 3 big questions: It is should indicate not mark, let consumer think this food does not contain additive by accident; It is to tag partial content only next, not all additive sort bid is full; Still have tagging language faintness.

"The specific ingredient of pigment of agent of antiseptic, bleacher, sweet taste, edible, press a regulation to must mention expressly, because they are easy,violate compasses use additive. If some kind of food did not list, that is violated namely compasses. " according to introducing, have milk outfit to wait to be being written on the box that pack " do not contain preservative " , this is beguiling consumer. Bright red fine gets the better of □ Zhang Yin