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Qingdao develops product quality and center of news of _ of food safety punish a
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Whole town dispatchs in all personnel twenty-three thousand seven hundred and sixty-two person-time, the examination manages principal part twenty-eight thousand four hundred and seventy-one, ban take management principal part without card 827, put on record investigates a case 232 cases, to depth for next special punish development lays next good foundations

Window of people net Qingdao on October 21 message:

Nearly one period, qingdao is various and departmental the door unites deploy according to the State Council and province, municipal government, begin product quality and food safety actively special punish acts, safe superintendency level had quality of whole town product and food to rise newly, built the standard, safe, market environment that be at ease for numerous people.

As we have learned, unite deploy according to the State Council and province government, qingdao from August the last ten-day of a month begins to begin product quality and food safety in whole town special punish acts, the "8 that puts forward with the State Council special " , "20 target " and "12 100%" attachs most importance to a dot, made plan of special punish action, established punish action to head a group, city basically is led personally assume leadership, leadership of city of be assigned personal responsibility for is fulfilled separately supervise and urge. Each area city, departmental door also takes seriously highly, act quickly, make clear punish key, refine punish target, implement punish measure, established corresponding origanization construction respectively, made punish plan, layer upon layer decompose goal assignment, punish responsibility gets be fulfillinged effectively, special punish action obtains level sex positive result.

Come from city product quality and food safety the newest statistic of special punish office, since Qingdao begins special punish to act, dispatch in all personnel 23762 person-time, the examination manages principal part 28471, ban take management principal part without card 827, put on record investigates a case 232 cases, to drive special punish next the job lays next good foundations to depth development.

Trade of classics of bureau of city qualitative inspect, city appoint, health bureau of city industrial and commercial bureau, city, city farming appoint, south the relevant responsibility branch such as city pasturage bureau and city, administrative division of hill of city this world, Lao, rubber, Lai area city waits on the west, height values operation of this special punish. They realise adequately, product quality and people of food security concern are healthy with life safety, matter to national honor and domestic and international figure, doing good product quality and food safety to work is the seventeen great mind that carries out a party, specific action that fulfils science to develop the people's livelihood of person of view, improvement to live, it is the important society obligation that the government must fulfil. For this, they are mixed from the height that talks politics, consciousness that considers overall situation for civilian the tenet of the service sets out, enhanced responsibility consciousness and hardship consciousness further, around construction the whole nation feeds character to estimate the end of the safest city, combine the goal assignment with cadre specific and responsible door, each preparation that has made special repair with all one's strength works.
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