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Norway amends the code about red 2G(E128) of additive agent for food _ news cent
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On September 4, 2007, norway announces to amend the code that the 1378th food used code of additive agent for food on December 21, 1993.

This code suspends using red 2G(E128) of additive agent for food in food. In addition, this law suspends containing food of red 2G(E128) of additive agent for food to put in the market and entrance.

The European Union stops red 2G at will be being approved on July 26 (E128) the board laws and regulations of an emergency measures that regards food as pigment. Norway is not European Union member. But the 94/36/EC directive that Norway implemented the pigment that about be in food uses. Norway thinks to adopt prohibit an emergency measures of the additive agent for food of may ill health is very important. For this, norway amended code of active additive agent for food, this code carries out an emergency measures that European Union board set in code of 884/2007 name on July 26, 2007.