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Qualitative inspect bureau hunts down Shanghai to use center of news of _ of cas
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Qualitative inspect branch is in develop fleshy product the discovery in special inspection, shanghai exhibits rich food limited company to came in November 2006 during May 2007, blame food raw material is used in makings of the fleshy product that produces in its, sauce, dressing " double swallow card " bright-coloured dye -- acidity and golden, and exceed limits to use sunset to fizzle out wait for additive agent for food. Via checking solid, the goods of of all kinds food of poisonous and harmful material is worth edible of sale of this company production 440 thousand yuan, manufacturing sale exceeds limits to use additive agent for food the goods of of all kinds food is worth 170 thousand yuan. Pledge law sets related inspect branch basis, make instruct stop production to manage, announcement calls in already the food of work off and destroy by melting or burning, confiscate illegal earning and fine five hundred and four thousand seven hundred yuan, the administration of licence of revoke food sanitation is punished. Current, this case already moved send public security mechanism to investigate criminal duty.