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The additive agent for food of 19 batch is unqualified _ news center
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The food of 19 batch discovers in sampling observation additive is unqualified, be labelled unqualified food. Yesterday, chief reminds a citizen to be not bought related wholesome hall reach edible.

According to wholesome hall relevant controller introduces, a few days ago, the branch discovered in sampling observation 19 batch are unqualified related Beijing food. These unqualified food basically are colorant unqualified.

He introduces, unqualified food puts the main problem that be in: It is to exceed set limit to to use antiseptic benzoic acid, what overmuch edible antiseptic exceeds the food of mark to will harm consumer is healthy; 2 it is to exceed set limit to to use sweet taste agent. Because partial enterprise is,this basically is reduce cost, in producing the food course such as treatment confiture, the accretion that reduces sugar is measured; 3 it is to violate a ban use colorant. Partial product violates a ban use colorant rouge three-colored amaranth is red, red fizzle out with sunset.

As we have learned, colorant is to make food chromatic with the material that improves food colour and lustre, dan Yan color if hyperbole of rich and gaudy, possible presence abuses the phenomenon of colorant. And a nitrogen of amino acid condition is brew soy important detect index, content of nitrogen of amino acid condition is higher, the quality of soy is better, if its content is insufficient, soy turned pigment into brine, lost soy flavor practical.

This controller introduces, should accord with only concerned code and use standard, colorant is being added in food is safe, but if the colorant in food exceeds bid, what long-term edible will harm consumer is healthy.