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Additive agent for food expires half an year still is being used " 3 without " m
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Chinese network news (Li Fang of Fan Dongsheng of reporter Xie Fengchun's reporter) a room, a few bottles of overdue additive agent for food, deserve to go up some of raw material became moon cake mill.

12 days, jiang Xia is versed in business place receives masses to inform against, in business street of temple Shan Huatai, shop of one individual pastry sells " 3 without " food. Be versed in business personnel hits out quickly, in one nominal " the day is fond of cake room " inside, 10 dishes make an appointment with 500 miscarriage cake, bag mount is divided nominal outside the taste such as peach of Shui Mi, apple, without any other labels.

When asking mill boss, he says the expiration period of miscarriage cake is 6 months unexpectedly, after 6 months, moon cake already sold out, need not mark so.

Subsequently, execute the law when personnel is examining the additive agent for food that this mill uses, the expiration period that discovers its are tagged is 18 months, but manufacturing date was on August 10, 2005.

Execute the law inside personnel examination inn other provision, filled up with the food of 3 goods shelves if crisp cake of polished glutinous rice, power changing the provision such as cake is entirely unexpectedly " 3 without " food.

Subsequently, industrial and commercial personnel will make an appointment with 500 miscarriage cake, biscuit kind food 540 bags, additive agent for food is confiscated 20 bottles, will make further processing to its.