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Interpose rests additive agent for food of standard of qualitative inspect burea
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Report began window of people net Shanxi on September 11, 2007 product quality and food safety are special since punish acts, interpose rests bureau of city qualitative inspect regards the use of normative additive agent for food as the serious content of food safety punish and the problem that solve urgently currently, increase what use to additive agent for food to superintend strength, abuse blindly from inside good food is caught to produce on fountainhead, exceed mark to use additive agent for food, strengthen market of additive agent for food to superintend with punish, put an end to the food safety problem that appears possibly on the use link of additive agent for food strictly.

Additive agent for food is the indispensable accretion in food production raw material, the use of additive agent for food improved the quality of food, added the special flavor of food, extended the expiration period of food, abounded food market, but, safety of additive agent for food uses an issue is the main factor that affects food safety, interpose rests qualitative inspect bureau uses additive agent for food for the standard, prevent to appear transcend the quantity, illegal action that transcends " of limits and abuse of " of blame additive agent for food, the life property of cogent safeguard people is safe, food was begun to produce treatment company additive agent for food to use the special inspection of the circumstance inside whole town limits, check personnel to waited for 35 production company to undertake the platoon is checked helping net style to the cake inside area under administration, biscuit, liquor, beverage, soy, the origin of the additive agent for food that uses to every enterprise, management, use and use up wait for link to undertake be checkupped strictly.

Pass this inspection, mastered the food inside area under administration to produce those who process enterprise additive agent for food to use a case, established trends government record, reduced an enterprise to buy, the optional sex of use additive agent for food, manage strictly further at the same time, execute additive agent for food to put on record system. When asking all whole town food produce treatment company to use additive, all need qualitative inspect bureau to put on record, strict and normative additive agent for food is used, requirement food production machines an enterprise to build wholesome additive agent for food to use a record, achieve the origin of additive, amount, whereaboutldirection, use end clearly, forbidden Sudan is used in food production treatment the product of 18 kinds of chemical industry such as Bai Kuai of red, condole, methanol and raw material of food of poisonous and harmful blame, once discover, uniform move send public security, judiciary processing, increase illegal crime penalize strength. What ensured food is produced then is safe.

Still coordinate departmental door at the same time, cooperate each other, development of door of Ministry of Agriculture raises a place, the key examines the case of the accretion in feed, development of qualitative inspect branch produces job shops, to producing treatment process place uses additive agent for food to undertake the key is checked. Industrial and commercial, wholesome branch increases the strength that detects to additive agent for food of link of current, consumption, accomplish truly superintend of " in the round to table from " farm. Produce the supervisory effect of news media and consumer further, acquire the extensive channel of information through news media, publicize the value that additive agent for food uses correctly and the harm sex of illegal abuse and the major consequence that cause energetically. Encourage whole society consumer to be opposite of a few doubtful accretion inform against, to discovering the enterprise of food safety hidden danger, strict according to " additive agent for food uses wholesome level " from heavy punishment, ensure numerous people is consumed to the safety of food. (the first month learns civil)
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