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The American industry that pack starts at 20 centuries initial stage, get rapid development since World War II, work up is formed include to pack the material, craft that pack and package machine are complete and independent industry system. Its pack gross value of industrial output to hold national economy total production value 3% . Its package machine is the oldest use industry is food industry, it is cleanness of beverage industry, family next things of things and cosmetic industry, medicine and nicotian course of study.
In American food industry, vegetable and fruit are annual the proportion that the package machine place of place demand holds is the largest, occupy to 2005 20.3% ; The flesh tastes place to need package machine to be the 2nd; Milkings is the 3rd, biscuit the 4th, candied the 5th. Taste except the flesh outside keeping balance, what the value takes year of demand of milkings, candied package machine the proportion that food, industry always requires evaluation shows downtrend. Other industry is main by domestic cleanness 4 industries comprise miscellaneous product of things and cosmetic, nicotian product, medicine product, day. Other industry is right package machine year the 1/3 left and right sides that needs evaluation to occupy year of total demand to be worth.
The package machine that American current foreground values is: The control of personal computer of horizontal pillow type, package machine that deserves to have the power control equipment with servo electric machinery and filmy good tension. Henceforth, robot of microelectronics, computer, industry, intelligence, image passes feeling technology and new material to wait to be able to receive wider and wider application in package machine lieutenant general, make package machine with each passing day automation, efficient change, energy-saving change directional development. (news source: China mechanically-laid web)