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Long catch safe education to father a center of news of product quality _
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To strengthen product quality safety to teach, make employee more thorough know the value of product quality safety, carry out the requirement that fulfils a government to measure safety to feeding character further, the clerk prepared quality of a product to teach wall map. On October 15, wall map is in to produce a division by paste inside board newspaper column, attracted manufacturing department employee very quickly to come round to watch. The picture with dramatic image, the specification of concise palpability, got everybody's accord welcomes. This one adds up to 10 pieces wall map, the product quality that shows from different point of view and the importance with safe product, lively, easy to read and understand understand easily. Concerned controller expresses, the company maintains the world warehouse all the time produce character to measure rigor of excellent, safety precaution, be opposite for a long time with the company the education of employee, attention that pledges to the product the quantity works is not divided.