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Industry of Chinese food package machine owns center of news of _ of tremendous
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"915 " the Chinese gross value of industrial output that pack can amount to 450 billion yuan
Give birth to vivid quality as development of high speed of Chinese market economy and people rise, predicting consumer reachs the demand of the convenient food such as refrigerant food to will increase ceaselessly to microwave food, recreational food, this will drive the demand that relevant provision packs directly. The one end length henceforth will maintain predicting China food and package machine course of study to growing inside time.
Predict " 915 " during, china packs total production value of industry to be expected to achieve 450 billion yuan of RMBs, maintain year all the growth rate of 7 % . Arrive from 2011 2015, total production value is expected to break through 600 billion yuan, annual and average add fast maintain about in the level of 16% . With product classification, chinese paper packs product output to be able to amount to 36 million tons to 2015, the plastic products that pack 9.46 million tons, the metal packages product 4.91 million tons, glass packages product 15.5 million tons, package machine is covered 1.2 million times.
In the meantime, the Chinese industry that pack will be passed the high-grade Yuan Fucai that pack expects in the entrance and high-grade and mechanical equipment, have industrial structural adjustment, use up with dropping a product further, optimize structure, improvement breed, improve product quality. Additional, reduce resource to use up reach the important way that reduces pollution to also will become China to pack course of study to develop.
Chinese food package machine has enormous exporter opportunity
As we have learned, indian government will at 2002 -- between 2007, to food treatment trade investment is as high as 20 billion dollar; Development of estate of machinery of Indonesian food treatment is relatively slow count an import; Additional, the West Africa country that is economic pillar with agriculture also processes positive development food trade, need to import a large number of food to machine machinery. Collect above is advantageous element, industry of treatment of predicting China food should be maintained 2006 grow steadily.
To get used to market demand, the Chinese food industry that pack is casting off an amount actively the figure with low content of much, technology, and to muti_function change, intelligence of modular, control is changed reach high accuracy to change wait for directional development. Additional, more and more enterprises use the new and high technology of Electromechanical unifinication on package machine, include among them: Technology of control of PLC control, HMl man-machine interaction, servo. In the meantime, the new-style technology of a variety of high additional costs also gets the support of the enterprise, if cold antiseptic technology reachs the active technology that pack,wait.
Food packs prospective demand
As people routine rhythm accelerate, the abundance of nutrient health food, the buildup of environmental protection consciousness; Will reach its to pack inevitable also meeting to raise a lot of new requirements to food henceforth. Introduce nowadays those who fix eyes on is, in view of freezer, microwave oven gain ground quickly, add other and relevant condition to mature stage by stage, very won't long, can serve as convenient food through developing quick frozen food, snack food will be entered in great quantities family and enterprise or business unit.
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