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PET carefe is plastic the development of forming machine (center of 2 _ news
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The direction of 1.3 development
1.3.1 moulds
The mould is to note help the development focal point that plays hollow and plastic forming machine. Development notes the pattern that helping the focal point that plays mould of plastic forming machine is development inject base, the control system of nozzle of the material that the development of the mould of inject base is a mould mainly, hot flow path and the design that heat up flow path, temperature. Note the case that presses the standard of technology of mould short of that plays hollow and plastic forming machine to fall in our country at present, leader plant can cooperate about mould factory with abroad. Want a mould to reach applied level only, deserve to go up our lead plane, can say, note pull blow hollow and plastic forming machine to be able to move toward the market.
 of 1.3.2 lead plane
Leader performance already achieved basic function to ask, but with Japan Qing Mu originallies and the equipment of company of Japanese day energy has difference. Developing a stress is: 
High speed of rotary table movement reachs fixed position stability. Rotary table runs the efficiency that reachs position performance to affect figuration. Note pull playing hollow and plastic forming machine is high speed shapes equipment, movement of rotary table high speed is high speed shapes an indispensable component. Rotary table movement must achieve such requirement, start high speed rotates, in from below one labour arrange 100mm place, sudden slowdown undertakes slow fast rotate, to fixed position the dot swings without around without concussion reliable fixed position. In light of the lead plane moving case that already developed from each factory, dish speed of high speed movement is insufficient, rotary table is versed in in each a fixed position of the department that decide a dot from time to tome around swings phenomenon, often need the ability after swinging a few times to locate, affected manufacturing efficiency, the key that solves this one problem is to raise hydraulic pressure and electric control level and control precision.
1.3.3 blow model to add up to modular orgnaization.
Firm of firm of Japanese black wood blows model to add up to modular orgnaization to already used gear rack synchronism of efficient high speed adds up to modular orgnaization, the principle of this orgnaization combining a model kind squeeze the gear rack synchronism that plays hollow forming machine to add up to modular orgnaization together, this orgnaization combining a model can repeat precision to neuter tall, and we still use the small effect that already eliminated, without be opposite automatically neuter can only way adds up to modular orgnaization or two pattern plate are in what fortune of similarly hereinafter of pressure oily action goes to add up to modular orgnaization, take the old road that congener machine manufactory has taken on international, gear rack synchronism adds up to modular orgnaization to add up to modular orgnaization run time to decrease than only way 30% , be in what pressure oil moves when action similarly hereinafter to add up to modular orgnaization specific power consumption to reduce an in part than two pattern plate.
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